Hurt Locker has a range of fitness classes to suit all levels. 

Below you will find a brief description of all of our offerings plus the Summer Timetable.

Box Fit: Exclusively designed for Hurt Locker, Box Fit classes combine unique boxing and fitness exercises and techniques to stengthen the body, be prepared for an intense cardio work out! Suited for All Member Levels. 

Women's Box Fit: Women's Box Fit is a mix of cardio and boxing designed to work on the woman's body. The class targets all the areas women want to tone and keeps them fit and fabulous, all in the privacy of a women's only class. Suited for All Women. 

Tank Boxing: In this class our professional boxing coaches will help you improve or perfect your boxing skills, as well as learn new ones, in a challenging fitness environment. Your coach will work with you on your punching, footwork, strength and all round cardio fitness. You'll be fit and fighting strong before you know it. Suited for Beginners to Advanced Members.

Strength & Conditioning: Enjoy strengthening and conditioning every inch of your body? Then this is the class for you! This class focuses on preparing the body for combat sports. It will push you and your body to the extreme, leaving it feeling strong, lean and dynamic. Suited for Beginners to Advanced Members. 

Junior BoxFit: For school age children, these classes focus on teaching fitness, discipline and fun with the basic principles of boxing.

Youth Boxing: For the more developed child either by age, size or advanced boxing skill. A progression from our Junior Boxing program with further development on the biomechanics involved with boxing and an increased focus towards Traditional boxing training. Self-defence and confidence building are also a priority.

Sparring: For advanced members, sparring brings together all elements in a simulated competitive bout scenario. Entry to the sparring classes is contingent on coach approval. 

Fundamentals: A technique focused session which is purely working on the fundamentals of boxing. Basic stance, guard, foot work and introduction to boxing movements, and correct pad holding will be a part of every session. *Note: this is not fitness based.

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