Tank Boxing Focus Pads Black/gold

Tank Boxing


If you have already outfitted the rest of your Boxing equipment with Tank gear, then you will love the Tank Boxing Competition Focus Mitts. What really stands out about these mitts is how clean they look and their overall aesthetic appeal.

The front has a black padding, with the target right in dead center. This will give you a great target to shoot for when you are loading up on 1-2 plus combos. On the back of the mitt is a black leather that will keep your trainers hands cool while they are holding them up for you.

In terms of comfort, it’s going to be harder to find a pair of gloves that match up like these do. There is added layers of padding on both the front and the back of the mitt, which makes for easier training for you and your partner.

We also really like the fact that there is added wrist protection, which will keep you safer while training.

The smaller Tank Focus pads sell for $95 AUD, which is pretty typical for Tank gear. It’s not quite as expensive as some other models, but it’s a worthy investment if you are looking for a pair of mitts that are higher in quality than some of the other options out there.

Also comes in different colors and designs black gold & black white.

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