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16oz Tank gloves White/red Fight Gloves

Tank Boxing


"Sting Like an Army Tank"*

These full leather, upper and lower, are arguably the worlds best sparring gloves. They have been the choice glove for the Royal Queensbury Championship for 8 years, an event that is sanctioned by Boxing Australia

They offer protection beyond expectation for both the user and the sparring partner a like.

The gloves have 2 inches of integrated foam layers making them excellent in absorbing shock and providing  protection. These sparring gloves also have hand liners so no matter how intense you throw punches, your hands stay dry and cool.

The extra wide hook and loop closures are also worth to mention. The features make the gloves easy to wear and take off while still providing ample wrist support and a snug fit. The cuffs long are padded enough to guard your wrist from punches and kicks.

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